Business & Management Consulting Services: Our result-driven interventions focuses on achieving overall business development whilst leveraging our clients’ capabilities to capitalize on their key competitive advantages.

  • Business Planning & Corporate Strategy
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Managerial Framework Design & Assessment
  • HR Consultations
  • Workshops & Retreats
  • Professional Training & Coaching 
  • Operational Capacity Assessment & Business Evaluation

Engineering Consultations: our network of technical experts can assist in the implementation of your next project and help resolve any shortcomings in your existing projects.

  • Project Design & Layout
  • Sourcing of Equipment & Production Lines (Europe, Asia, and USA)
  • Testing of Materials & Equipment
  • Site Inspection at Supplier Facilities
  • Operational Due Diligence

Creative Marketing and Sales Advisory: In order for a businesses to succeed, they need to remain competitive in their markets. We help our clients to do so by maintaining their business goals and objectives adaptive to changes in markets environment.

  • Market Research
  • Marketing Strategy & Sales Planning (B2B & B2C)
  • Market Intelligence & Data Interpretation
  • Market Segment Analysis
  • Competitive Performance Evaluation
  • Sales Audit
  • Creative Publicity Campaign Design & Implementation

Legal Services: we provide tailored legal services aimed at ensuring the best interest of our clients throughout the business life cycle from inception to exit.

  • Company Registration Services, Permitting & Licensing 
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Commercial Agreements (Drafting, Revision, Editing)
  • Financial Arbitration & Representation
  • Legal Framework Design & Studies
  • Business Liquidation Procedures
  • Partnership, Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Venture Agreements

Financial Consulting Services: By utilizing the most effective methods in addressing the various transactions and financial-related matters faced by our clients, we arrive at detailed findings that positively contribute to the final decision making process.

  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Due Diligence & Financial Valuation
  • Corporate Finance Advisory
  • Project Finance Solutions
  • Deal Structuring & Financial Engineering

Networking Services: Having the right connections is vital to your business continuity. By linking our clients to key experts and industry leaders, we help them obtain necessary information and assist in building relationships needed for their businesses to further excel.

  • Sourcing of Funds (Equity, Debt & Grants)
  • Market Linkage (Local, Regional and International)
  • Business Affiliation
  • Facilitation of International Branching
  • Franchise services
  • Ease of accessibility to target stakeholders