About Us

Assalam Consulting Group was established in 1995 in the city of Ramallah, Palestine with total commitment to excellence, that underpins its mission to offer its clients a complete range of high-quality contributive consulting services, and creative business solutions.

We are a leading Business Knowledge and Networking company that provides innovative business support to its clients across the Globe. Serving a large base of corporate customers in different industries during the past 25 years guarantees our ability to satisfy and fulfil the needs of our clients.

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Our Services


Business & Management Consulting Services

Our result-driven interventions focuses on achieving overall business development whilst leveraging our clients’ capabilities to capitalize on their key competitive advantages.


Financial Consulting Services

By utilizing the most effective methods in addressing the various transactions and financial-related matters faced by our clients, we arrive at detailed findings that positively contribute to the final decision-making process.

Networking Services:

Having the right connections is vital to your business continuity. By linking our clients to key experts and industry leaders, we help them obtain necessary information and assist in building relationships needed for their businesses to further excel.

Creative Marketing and Sales Advisory

In order for a businesses to succeed, they need to remain competitive in their markets. We help our clients to do so by maintaining their business goals and objectives adaptive to changes in markets environment.

Engineering Consultations

Our network of technical experts can assist in the implementation of your next project and help resolve any shortcomings in your existing projects.

Legal Services

We provide tailored legal services aimed at ensuring the best interest of our clients throughout the business life cycle from inception to exit.

Our Competitive Advantage


Experienced Team with an Extensive Background in Various Disciplines


Vast Network Consisting of Key Experts & Industry Leaders


Integrated Solutions Tailored to your Business Needs